Question 1 (The Impossible Qatar)

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Next question >Question 1 of The Impossible Qatar is what you are thrusted into by clicking Start. It simply asks, "How many holes in a Poland?" Your possible answers are "5", "Many", "111,111,111^(2)", and "The one Germoney shot through it".

If you count the holes in "a Poland," you get 5. However, this is not the answer. The answer is the bottom right one, indicating that Germany had shot Poland. This is a reference to Polandball, where Germany sometimes tortures Poland, especially as a Nazi.


  • The Impossible Quiz series features many questions where it asks for "how many holes in a ______?" They are, "a polo," "two polos," "a Rolo," and "a trololol."
    • Similarly, the Impossible Qatar series features questions asking for the number of holes in "two Polands," "a Portugal," "a Roland," "a lowland," and "a froyo." It is likely that the Impossible Quebec will do the same.
  • 111,111,111 squared is 12,345,678,987,654,321.
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