The Impossible Qatar Wiki

The Impossible ‘Qatar 4’ or The Impossible Soviet Horse Game is a prank on April Fools Day by deet0109.


The game starts off with a loading screen, telling the player to turn on their volume and that deet0109 wanted to keep the quiz low-key. After clicking Start, the first question is “What day is today?” As the player slowly comes to the realization that it’s April 1st, a clip of Princess Celestial laughing can be heard, followed by the My Little Pony theme song. The following stuff appears on screen:

  • A picture of the Mane Six that is shaking and glowing red
  • Rainbow Dash flying across the screen
  • A picture of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch with the words ‘almost best pony‘ written above one of them.
  • A drawing of Polandball dressed up like Spike the Dragon.
  • A cloud and lighting bolt modeled after Rainbow’s cutie mark.
  • The flag of Mother (Communist) Equestria (and you can guess what lovely tune went with that).

The words ‘APRIL FOOL’S!’ appear briefly before the end screen. At this point, the player can expect that no game will come from this project.