The Impossible Qatar Wiki

The Impossible Qatar series/trilogy is a series of games on Scratch by deet0109. There will be in total 359 questions. Its games are, in order, The Impossible Qatar, The Impossible Qatar 2, The Impossible Qatar 3, the smaller quiz known as The Impossible Qatar Meta, and the very minor The Easiest Impossible Qatar Ever. The series is a tribute to the hit series The Impossible Quiz by Splapp-me-do.


  • The 'The' is green and the 'Impossible' is blue in TIQatar and TIQatar 2. However, from the third game onwards, the colors are switched.
  • The 'Qatar' text always looks like the Qatari flag.
  • Every game has a reference to the songwriter Yourenigma.
  • The first game has 112 questions, the second 121, the third 100, the Meta, 25. This adds up to 358. This implies that The Easiest Impossible Qatar Ever will be very, very short.
  • deet0109's favorite snack food is Chex Mix.
  • The question number for the 25th question in every game looks like a spherical Christmas present, and the 99th question number is shaped a like a red balloon as a reference to 99 Red Balloons.