The Impossible Qatar Wiki

The Impossible Quiz Meta, alternatively called The Impossible Quiz Beta, is a planned smaller quiz and minor entry into the series by deet0109. Skips and the fusestopper will return, but the 1Up will not. There will be ~25 questions. The 'Instructions' button actually will work. It will involve a lot of meta-humor.

The game was released on the 24th January 2018.

New Powerup: Icicle


0. START! (or Instructions)

1. Like TIQ's Q70 (If you don't get it, you are a dunce)

2. Two Alt keys* (Space bar is between them) [SKIP ALERT: Press

space] [NOTE: clicking on the footnote works too]

3. Holy cows

4. Death (only thing 42 is not equal to) [HINT ALERT: Press 2]

5. Love and life (#shrekisloveshrekislife)

6. Click on any of the answers, and the click on paradox (Be fast)

7. He doesn't like these kinds of questions

8. Do nothing [FUSESTOPPER ALERT: Click on the bomb until it appears]

9. Drag away the triangle and click the bird in the bush (The question is telling what to do. Don't click on the extra 'the')

10. Question 10 (that's what it is)

11. One of the boxes will randomly work (the others do nothing)

12. Do nothing

13. Mystery box

14. YouTub Shanell [ICICLE ALERT: Type 'toaster']

15. Put your mouse on China 10 times. [SKIP ALERT: Type 'CHINA']


17. Click on Estonia (Far right)

18. Hover on 'above' to make it 'a borat,' and click on it.

19. I was saving it for Question 20 (TIQuiz Chapter 2 reference)

20. Sealandic Civil War (Sorry UK)

21. Pluto

22. Saudi invasion of Oman! (Korean Mapping reference)

23. However many were genocided (TIQatar reference)

24. Click on the bomb when it displays 7, then 5, 4, and last 2.

25. Heck yeah!