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== Bombs/Powerups ==
== Bombs/Powerups ==
There is one bomb in Q6.
There is one bomb in Q6.

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The Mini Impossible Quebec is a 10 question entry into the series by @UKball_Productions. There will be one bomb and no powerups. It is comparable to The Impossible Qatar Meta, except for the fact that it is a bit shorter.

The game was released on February 3rd, 2018.


0: Start!!

1: You ran out of questions, didn't you.

2: Har Har!! [Professor Fiendish's laugh in the Murderous Maths series]

3: A mini. [This is the MINI impossible Quebec]

4: Ha...NOPE [My favourite response to a bad joke]

5: Ha!!

6: Lybia [the Green flag is the same as Lybia's old one]

7: Next.


9: Well hurry up then.

10: Goodbye. FOR EVER.


There is one bomb in Q6.